DB Attic Studios, LLC is a learning environment where we make video games for players of all ages.

When we started making games...
When we started making games in 2017.
Darlene Barker
Founder & CEO

She is the video game designer, producer, and takes care of all the overall business, product and content strategy for DB Attic Studios, LLC.

Professional career experience spanning several years and disciplines from systems to software. She completed a master’s degree in Computer Science from University of Massachusetts.

Anabel Barker

She is the creator of the Stinky Snake comic and most of the artistic assets for Stinky Snake, the video game. Her comics can be seen at Stinky Snake Comics.

Isabelle Barker

She is responsible for all the music for the Stinky Snake game. She is also one of the two writers on the team. Her role includes helping in all areas that is needed, such as, QA & Testing.

Christian Barker
Creates Sound Effects & Videos

He is responsible for all the sounds that will enhance the player experience with our games. He plays with sounds and makes videos. He also helps out with making game music.

Brigit Barker
Play Tester

She is very vocal on what she believes a game should have and is a treat to observe playing whether it is a PC or Console game—she is entertaining so her part in this team is being the first person to play the games along with her sidekick, Euros.

Chief of Security and Snacks

She is responsible for keeping the CEO’s feet warm year-round, alerting the team of any dangers—real or perceived, and partaking in most of what the CEO consumes, including coffee.