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June 26, 2018

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Stinky Snake is a 2D platformer family adventure game that was released in June 2018 on Steam for PC. The main character Snake was shipwrecked on an island alongside his family, a dog named Angel and a human child named Puppy. When Puppy and Angel are kidnapped by a skunk, Snake must fight his way through the rest of the skunks that reside on the island. However, once Snake has found his family, the story is not over. Snake realizes that the leader of the skunks is his sister and she isn’t the biggest threat he must face. He also learns that the cart he used to complete his quest was cursed by the witch who gave it to him, which was the reason that he couldn’t go in sea water. Now, he needs to complete the Colonizer’s quest in order to break this curse. The game features several topical locations, including a dangerous active volcano, and takes place on The Emerald Isle, Montserrat, which is also the birth-place of lead developer Darlene Barker.


Stinky Snake is a game about family, is suitable for the whole family, and was created by a family. DB Attic Studios doesn’t just highlight the power of women in games, but also families in the industry. It’s remarkable how such a skilled family has come together to create every aspect of Stinky Snake in-house.


  • Multiple difficulty levels catering to a wide age range but most suited for kids 7 to 13.
  • Mostly original musical composition.
  • Single player experience.
  • Whole team involved in the design of the game.
  • Two rounds of the game to complete.
  • Colorful, eye-catching original artwork.
  • Fun and challenging gameplay.


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Selected Articles

  • "Stinky Snake sets you on an adventure through the emerald isle, the game is based on a web comic named 'stinky snake' You have collect coconuts and defend yourself from aggresive skunks."
    - Press Y to retry , Steam Curator
  • "Platformer, in which the snake on the skate passes full fo skunks levels."
    - Gold Bear Games, Steam Curator
  • "Stinky Snake is cute and classic plateform (like old 8bit retrogame) for kids. You control a snake, jump from plateform to plateform, collect gems and coconuts (can shoot them at enemies).Recommand!"
    - Games without Borders, Steam Curator
  • "Play as a snake."
    - Non-Human Protagonists, Steam Curator
  • "A cute platformer in which you play a snake on a cart, which, like the famous Mario, jumps on the slopes and collects coconuts. The principle of the game is intuitive and cool."
    - Worldwide Reviews, Steam Curator
  • "I enjoyed playing Stinky Snake as well as my eight-year-old son. It is definatly a game for all ages."
    - oXseg, Steam User
  • "You play a snake on a cart, which, like the famous Mario, jumps on the slopes and collects coins. In general, the principle of the game is clear ..."
    - Club Games Reviewer, Steam Curator
  • "imaginative platformer that is surprisingly challenging"
    - Meghann at Kids Are Gamers , https://kidsaregamers.com/

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About DB Attic Studios, LLC

At DB Attic Studios, LLC, we are a Mother-led team of her children ages 9 through 17. Not only that we enjoy playing games, as well as, creating games from the initial ideas, through lengthy discussions at the kitchen table, development, testing, and all the phases to release and beyond. We are a learning environment where we make video games for players of all ages.

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Stinky Snake Credits

Darlene Barker
Lead Developer and CEO

Anabel Barker
Lead Artist, Artistic Designer and Creator of the Stinky Snake Comics.

Isabelle Barker
Lead Musician and Co-Writer

Christian Barker
Special Effects and User Engagement

Brigit Barker

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